Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Type A injections are available at Webster Aesthetics. Botulinum Toxin is designed to relax the facial muscles and in turn help to reduce signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles. The results of this type of treatment can last between two to six months. 
How Botulinum Toxin works 
When injected into muscle, Botulinum Toxin Type A blocks the signal to the area, causing it to relax. It’s most commonly used on the top part of the face, for example, around the eyes and the forehead. This treatment is also successfully used in the underarm area to treat excess sweating (called Hyperhidrosis). 
Botulinum Toxin is produced by several different companies and therefore appears under different brand names. The toxin is the same in all brands, but the formulations differ. 


Toxin for muscle balancing: £150 to £250 (advanced treatments are available) 
Toxin for Neck Bands and Nephertiti lift: £200 
Toxin for Hyperhidrosis (excess underarm sweating) treatment: £350 
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